Our mission

is as solid as our UL-3 Bank Level Secure Vaults

“To provide a stable and expanding platform of physical and electronic security, technology, human structures and an ideal location that creates trust and resourceful solutions for our exacting wealth management clients.”

Safety Deposit Boxes

That sounds a little like corporate speak, but we aren’t corporate. Unless you want us to be.

And that’s the big thing that differentiates us within the International Wealth Management industry.

All our competitors will tell you about their cutting edge security systems. Things like 24-Hour off-site monitoring, biometric controlled entry doors, seismic sensors, etc.

And yes those are important. We have all of those too, along with a few things the competition is lacking, like fogging machines that once tripped fill our vaults and surrounding areas with a thick blanket of impenetrable fog. Harmless to your precious belongings... But next to impossible for nefarious visitors to navigate... But it's not those that make us different...

Its also not that we have both a variety of safety deposit boxes and allocated and segregated vaulting solutions… Although we are one of only 2 vaults in the region who can offer both options. And we're much more convenient to visit with Panama being the international airline hub of the Americas.

What makes us different is you, our client.

With our Concierge Level Service, we aim to be your primary provider of International Wealth Preservation services. And to treat you as the VIP you are.

We can arrange travel to a private on-site airport in Panama Pacifico... Guarded or unguarded armored transportation from the airport to the vault... on-site customs and immigration services, and much more.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Once you arrive, you’ll find first class comfortable decor, coffee and beverage service, including something a little stronger than coffee if you wish.

We promise to do everything in our power to tailor our services to your exacting needs. We pride ourselves on being creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to solutions for your wealth and asset protection.

Have an armored or luxury car you want stored? We’ve thought of that and can cover you. Want a bug out bag available internationally? Yes, we can do that.

Want something specific that is not offered by us or anyoone else…? Speak to us and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

So if you’re looking for uncompromising VIP service… Even if you don’t think you’re a VIP, Fort Kobbe’s concierge service is a clear choice for your International Asset Storage and Protection services. No other service comes close.

Please check out our services page to get an introduction to our offerings and then contact us if you have questions or specialized needs.

Our Values


Technology, Location, People, and Processes to Ensure Complete Safety of Hard Earned and/or Treasured Assets.


Create Peace of Mind that comes from absolute assurance of complete commitment to professional service.


Strongly backed financial and ethical foundations with a long term view to the future.


Finding solutions to the most difficult, obscure, or varied needs of the asset protection industry.

Safety Deposit Boxes