Store Your Gold and Silver in Panama and Sidestep Uncle Sam’s Reach

Millions of Americans are seasoned enough to remember that remnants of the gold standard lasted until President Nixon, though the gold standard in America stretches far back into American history. The history of the gold standard in the United States provides a few object lessons in the value of gold, the looming possibility of confiscation, and gold’s eternal ability to hedge against more volatile investments and the unceasing shenanigans of central banks. =&0=&

Gold Manipulation: Fact, Fiction, or Something Else

The debate continues to rage on as to whether there are forces big enough to actually manipulate the Gold market. On the one hand, you have the mainstream folks confidently declaring that the gold market is far too large and liquid to be manipulated. Still, others have spent countless hours researching trends and reading the tea leaves to find the smoking gun that will once and for all prove to the world that their conspiracy theories are actually true. read more