Could your government take away your gold? It’s happened before, and it may happen again.


Gold has long been considered a safe haven investment – when markets are volatile gold tends to maintain, or even increase, its value. Unlike indices and currency values, physical gold is a tangible metal that can be held in one’s hand; it’s not subject to interest rate or market fluctuations. Gold is seen as a form of investment insurance against economic downturns, inflationary pressures, and currency manipulation. read more

Store Your Gold and Silver in Panama and Sidestep Uncle Sam’s Reach

Millions of Americans are seasoned enough to remember that remnants of the gold standard lasted until President Nixon, though the gold standard in America stretches far back into American history. The history of the gold standard in the United States provides a few object lessons in the value of gold, the looming possibility of confiscation, and gold’s eternal ability to hedge against more volatile investments and the unceasing shenanigans of central banks. =&0=&